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2nd Grade Homeschool Curriculum and Online Programs

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With the help of K12, homeschooling can be a great solution for those looking for alternative schooling options. Homeschooling for your 2nd grader can give you more control over their education, allowing you to intervene faster and customize the lesson pace to their unique needs.

​​Many families also want to combine the benefits of a structured school program with the flexibility of schooling from home. These families often find that K12-powered online schools work best for them.

How does online homeschool work?

Similar to brick-and-mortar schools, online homeschooling should meet the education standards as set by your state. One primary difference between traditional public school and homeschooling, however, is that homeschooling allows parents and other designated responsible adults to provide their students with individualized attention and take full responsibility for their child’s education.

When you choose to homeschool using K12’s 2nd grade homeschool curriculum, your young student will learn at a pace customized to their needs. When they meet a learning challenge, you can help them overcome it. When they master a concept quickly, you can move on to the next lesson. Your active participation in their education helps students learn in the ways that work best for them, supporting stronger academic performance while fostering a deeper love for learning.

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How does online public school work?

Families who want to have greater involvement with their child’s education and greater flexibility in the school day, while still having their child learn from state-certified teachers, often choose to do public school at home. K12-powered tuition-free online schools combine the engaging K12 curriculum with the support and structure of public school—all from the comfort and safety of home. Families of K12-powered schools adhere to the schedule and pacing of their online school.

What are my responsibilities as an adult homeschool provider?

As the parent or trusted guardian of a homeschooled elementary student, you play an active role in directing their education. Following the K12 2nd grade homeschool curriculum, adults homeschooling their children spend the majority of the school day with their child, helping them learn and explore. With the support of online video lessons, parents and guardians help directly teach the curriculum to their students.

For students enrolled in a K12-powered online school option, parents or other responsible adults act as Learning Coaches and assist with lessons and online classes, which are taught by state-certified teachers.

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Which courses are available for the 3rd grade homeschool curriculum?

The 2nd grade homeschool curriculum from K12 covers required core subjects that help prepare students for future learning while including interactive visual, audio, reading, writing, and kinesthetic learning activities that help students grasp concepts more fully.

Your homeschooled 2nd grader will learn problem-solving skills throughout the year as they tap into their imagination and explore their creativity. Core subjects and age-appropriate electives include:

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English / Language Arts

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Physical Education

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History/Social Studies

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World Languages

How do homeschooled students socialize?

It’s not uncommon for homeschooling families to form local communities to learn and play together. Additionally, K12-powered online schools offer many opportunities for students to connect with peers. As a critical component of a quality, well-rounded education, social interaction offered through K12 includes various activities that take place both in-person and online. Some events may include:

Local clubs | Field trips | Extracurricular activities


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Homeschool Support

Homeschooling has its share of challenges, but you have support, too. K12 offers various resources for both students and parents to help everyone be successful on this new adventure.

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Online Homeschool Success Stories

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Get Started with 2nd Grade Online Homeschool

Students get a strong start to their education with the K12 2nd grade homeschool curriculum. Designed to accommodate students of all learning abilities and styles, homeschool lessons provide students with engaging, interactive learning that promotes their academic growth.

Whether your young student needs increased support to thrive, needs a greater academic challenge, or homeschooling simply works better for the convenience of your family, a K12-powered curriculum can be a great fit. With a deep understanding of how unique your family is, K12 offers full-time and part-time schooling options.

Homeschool Options

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Full-Time Homeschool

You can choose to purchase K12 homeschool curriculum to fulfill the needs of a full-time homeschooling program for your 2nd grader, or you can enroll in a full-time K12-powered online school program.


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Part-Time Homeschool

Part-time homeschooling grants access to the K12 curriculum through the purchase of individual courses. Your student takes these classes at their own pace, and they can be an ideal choice for families looking to supplement their student’s conventional education and add additional challenges.