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4th Grade Homeschool Curriculum and Online School Programs

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Discover the power of K12’s 4th grade homeschool curriculum for your student as an alternative to conventional brick-and-mortar schools. Homeschooled students receive the one-to-one attention they need to thrive as parents or guardians deliver instruction and assume the primary role in their student’s education. With the strong curriculum from K12, your student can build a solid foundation for their future education.

How does online homeschool work?

Similar to a traditional school, online homeschooling must follow academic standards as set by your state.

When attending online homeschool, students enjoy greater parental involvement. Their parents or guardians take on the role of teacher, guiding them through the K12-powered 4th grade homeschool curriculum. This enables students to receive individualized attention that works for their learning abilities and lifestyles. It also allows responsible adults to intervene when challenging topics arise and help keep their student on track. 

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How does online public school work?

Families who want to have greater involvement with their child’s education and greater flexibility in the school day, while still having their child learn from state-certified teachers, often choose to do public school at home. K12-powered tuition-free online schools combine the engaging K12 curriculum with the support and structure of public school—all from the comfort and safety of home. Families of K12-powered schools adhere to the schedule and pacing of their online school.

What are my responsibilities as an adult homeschool provider?

Choosing to homeschool your elementary student means you will act as their instructor. Following the K12 4th grade homeschool curriculum, you will play a crucial role in your student’s success as you guide them through online lessons, hands-on activities, and other learning initiatives.

For students enrolled in a K12-powered online school option, parents or other responsible adults act as Learning Coaches and assist with lessons and online classes, which are taught by state-certified teachers.

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Which courses are available for the 4th grade homeschool curriculum?

4th grade homeschooled students study core classes that prepare them for their future. They also benefit from fine art classes and other creative outlets that let them explore additional interests.

Through online lessons and hands-on activities, students grasp concepts, hone their problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and explore their imagination and creativity. Available core subjects and age-appropriate electives include:

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English / Language Arts

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Physical Education

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History/Social Studies

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World Languages

How do homeschooled students socialize?

Socialization is a crucial component of a well-rounded education. Homeschooling families frequently organize their own local communities for support and social interaction. K12-powered schools provide various activities and events where students can meet their peers, make lasting friendships, and bond over shared interests both in-person and online. Some events may include:

Local clubs | Field trips | Extracurricular activities


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Homeschool Support

Homeschooling has its share of challenges for both parents or guardians and students. K12 offers a variety of resources to help you and your family succeed.

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How Homeschool Meets the Needs of Diverse Learners

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K12 Online Homeschool FAQs

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Online Homeschool Success Stories

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Ideal for unique students of all kinds, homeschooling can help young learners build on a strong foundation of knowledge. Whether your student needs a greater challenge, a supplement to traditional education, or more control of their education, part-time or full-time homeschooling with a K12 curriculum might be a great fit.

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Full-Time Homeschool

You can choose to purchase K12 homeschool curriculum to fulfill the needs of a full-time homeschooling program for your 4th grader, or you can enroll in a full-time K12-powered online school program. Full-time homeschooled students should take a full spectrum of courses throughout the year.


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Part-Time Homeschool

Part-time homeschooled students have more flexibility, as parents or guardians can purchase individual courses. This can be a good option for 4th grade students who seek greater challenges, want to explore other classes, or need to supplement their current curriculum. Parents or guardians can choose the pace while still accessing the strong K12 4th grade homeschool curriculum.