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Online Homeschool in Virginia

Online Homeschool Resources In Virginia

Imagine an education that combines the convenience of homeschool with the structure of traditional public school. K12-powered schools offer that balance you might be looking for as an alternative to homeschooling in Virginia.

How does online school work?

K12-powered schools offer a tuition-free,* public school option where Virginia-licensed teachers apply a personalized approach to an online curriculum.

Students attend regularly scheduled online Class Connect sessions during the week and then complete coursework and activities on their own or with classmates, at their own pace. As with homeschooling in Virginia, parents play an active role in their child’s education with a K12-powered school. A Learning Coach, usually the student’s parent, helps keep students on track with their assignments, communicates regularly with teachers, and more. 

Visit A Day in the Life to see the typical day for several K12-powered students.

What do homeschooling in Virginia and K12-powered schools have in common?

Students are empowered to take charge of their learning, and parents can be actively involved to assist along the way in both options. Learning can happen from the comfort of home with homeschool and with K12-powered school, but there are differences too.

K12-powered schools have administrations with principals and state-licensed teachers who lead the established curriculum developed by education professionals. Parents have teacher conferences. Students receive report cards and follow state attendance and assessment requirements.

Plus, online school can still be social. Students can participate in extracurricular activities, such as online clubs and other social pursuits, to interact with their peers.

Online Schools Available for Virginia Students

Grades K-12

Reach your full potential with a balanced approach to education designed to provide support and a student-centered focus that meets the needs of unique and individual learners.  

  • Achieve success with our advanced learner program for highly performing students. 
  • Accelerate your learning with honors and AP® courses. 
  • Join our tight-knit community with field trips, extracurricular activities, community service, and clubs. 

Grades K-12

Achieve a quality, personalized, private education through our engaging, interactive K12 curriculum and a dedicated, supportive team of teachers and advisors. Tuition-free private school for Arizona students through the Empowerment Scholarship. 

  • Accelerate your learning with dual enrollment, early college, AP®, and NCAA-approved courses. 
  • Jump-start your future with career and college prep, including career-focused electives beginning in 6th grade.  
  • Learn at your pace with year-round start dates enrolling full-time, part-time, and individual courses. 

Grades K-12

Achieve academic excellence while developing your Christian character and finding your life's purpose in a faith-based, supportive environment. Tuition-free private school for Arizona students through the Empowerment Scholarship. 

  • Integrate a Christian worldview into your life—the classroom and beyond—through our Servant Learner framework. 
  • Develop your character and grow in your faith through in-person activities at faith centers in select cities. 
  • Participate in weekly faith groups and chapel services to connect with other students who share your beliefs. 

Grades K-10

A Catholic-inspired private school in partnership with Marian University, MU Prep offers high-quality academics and flexible, personalized learning.

  • Education rooted in Catholic-inspired faith and framed by Franciscan values.
  • Individualized support plans designed around strengths and needs.
  • Licensed teachers with online experience and a faith-based perspective.

Grades K-12

Are you an independent learner seeking a highly flexible education? With more than 40 years of experience in self-paced distance learning, reach your potential any time, year-round. Tuition-free private school for Arizona students through the Empowerment Scholarship. 

  • Accelerate your learning with 170+ self-paced courses with multiple levels, including honors and AP®. 
  • Earn college credits while still in high school with dual enrollment. 
  • Assure your future—we awarded 771 high school diplomas in 2022, with 99.4% of students reporting college acceptance. 

Grades 8-12

Are you a highly motivated learner? Earn a premier, private college preparatory education online and get the tools to excel at top-tier universities. Affiliated with The George Washington University. 

  • Jump-start your future with one-to-one college counseling and unique dual enrollment opportunities. 
  • Prepare for life outside the classroom with our Journeys symposium. 
  • Unlock your future—100% of graduates are accepted to college, from Harvard to UC Berkeley. 

Grades K-11

Reach your full potential with an inclusive, engaging curriculum and the tools and guidance to be a successful global citizen. Tuition-free private school for Arizona students through the Empowerment Scholarship. 

  • Graduate trilingual with our Early World Language Program. 
  • Get access to seminar-based instruction with a collaborative, discussion-focused approach 
  • Graduate with your associate's degree with our dual enrollment program. 

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You can purchase K12 courses to supplement your homeschool curriculum or help your student catch up, get ahead, or explore an interest. These flexible courses are available with part-time and full-time options and with convenient year-round start dates.

*Families do not pay tuition for a student to attend an online public school. Common household items and office supplies like printer ink and paper are not provided. Our enrollment consultants can help address your technological and computer questions and needs.