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We know that parents continue to face difficult decisions about reopening plans for schools. You might be wondering if it’s safe for kids to return to school with the Delta variant on the rise. Or, whether remote learning options might be a better choice. Maybe you’d like to learn about the advantages of online learning. We want you to know that you’re not alone. We’re here to help you navigate a rapidly evolving situation with safe, stable educational choices.

The Results Are In

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K-8 Study: What parents are saying

Many parents are concerned about the rising health concerns related to COVID-19 and feel uncertain about their children’s education in the coming year.

How to Move Forward

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Learning Loss Prevention | K12

While most of the nation saw declines in student reading and math scores over the course of the pandemic, a new study shows that K12-powered students stayed on track or made academic gains.

What Made the Difference?

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Traditional Compared to Virtual

A recent study compared the online learning experience of students enrolled in brick-and-mortar schools that transitioned to online learning to the experience of students who were already enrolled in virtual schools when the pandemic began.

What Were the Findings?


Use our school finder and discover the K12-powered public or private school that is best suited for your child’s needs. Simply enter your zip code or state and click GO! for a list of the available options in your area.

Yes. K12’s technology and online curriculum have provided a critical educational refuge for students following natural disasters such as hurricanes. And we stand prepared to help in the pandemic. There are several options available for school districts who wish to help their teachers leverage the K12 platform. And K12 can help you design disaster preparedness programs. Call us today at 855.593.7280 or visit K12 Learning Solutions.

There are no mask mandates for K12-powered schools but check local area regulations for information about in-person events.

K12-powered schools follow the same state-specific rules and guidelines pertaining to vaccinations as other public schools in their states. To inquire about your state’s vaccination requirements, check with your State Health Department.

Online schools powered by K12 offer opportunities for students in all grades to engage with peers throughout the nation on topics of mutual interest. Learn more about the clubs, field trips, competitions, camps, and workshops that give students the chance to explore their passions and develop meaningful connections with their peers.

For more questions you may have related to Covid-19, explore our Coronavirus FAQs.

Check out more answers to your questions with the top questions parents ask us.

Is a K12-Powered Online School Right for My Child?

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Students Make Connections

See how students in K12-powered schools connect with each other.
Learn More

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Learn About K12’s Approach

Curriculum designed to be online and hands-on!
Learn More

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K12 General Information

Learn all about the engaging curriculum at K12-powered schools and how online learning works.
Learn More

Hear What Other Families Have to Say!

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Five Questions with Mailey and Sonya.

Online school boosts this student’s confidence and ability to learn.
Learn More

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Turns Out Online School Works for Us

Four aprents talk about avoiding the COVID Slide and how online learning helped.
Learn More

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Three Reasons Why Families Are Loving Online Schooling.

Discover three reasons why families love online learning.
Learn More

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Tuition-Free Public Schools in Your Area

This tuition-free option meets your K–12 student where they are and helps them get where they want to be. Find a K12-powered school near you.

For Parents

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Blog Post

9 Surefire Signs that Going Back to the Old Normal Is The Wrong Move for Your Child’s Education


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Avoid the Covid Slide

5 Ways to Avoid the COVID Slide (A Teacher’s Tips)


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The Covid Slide

The COVID Slide: A Deeper Look into the Pandemic’s Effects on Students



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Kickstarting Socialization


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Experience is the best online school choice


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How to Handle Stress During COVID-19


Planners and Activities

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Outlining a daily schedule like the one below can go a long way toward easing anxieties and giving your kids the structure that they crave. Print this planner to customize one for your family.

Print planner

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COVID Capture Capsule

Capture the moments, memories and impacts of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Learn more.

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Diary of a Quarantined Student

As COVID-10 continues to spread, high chool and colleges around the world are closing, and students are staying home.

Learn more.

For Schools and Educators

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Free Teacher Resources

Access this teacher training series for free tools designed to help you create an effective classroom.

Free Teacher Resources

For Adult Learners

Are you considering taking advantage of this unique time at home to expand your own learning, too?

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Choose from tuition-free classes and webinars in software engineering and data science.

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The Keystone School

Keyston’es adult learning programs could be the flexible, independent learning option you’ve been searching for.

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Create a profile to match with opportunities for scholarships, college admissions, internships, apprenticeships, jobs and more!

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