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A Robust Program for All Learning Styles

The K–8 program includes more than 75 online courses in seven subjects: language arts/English, history, math, science, music, art, and world languages.

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Learning On and Off of the Computer

The combination of interactive online lessons and offline materials cater to varied learning styles, allowing students the opportunity to master lesson objectives. It’s all part of a unique, patented methodology that K12 has designed for educators, parents, and students. Enrolled students receive boxes of traditional materials, including award-winning textbooks, videos, and hands-on materials that complement online learning as part of the program at no cost.

Lessons are followed by assessments, so you can be sure that your child has mastered a particular area before moving on. Our individualized approach means your child can go as fast or slow as needed. The online assessments are integrated with the planning and progress tools, making it easy to find the right pace by subject and to stay on track.

Where to Get This Program

The K12 K–8 program is delivered through tuition-free online public schools in many states around the country. The implementation of the K–8 program is customized to each state’s requirements. The program is also available through K12’s online private school, K12 Private Academy.

Direct Purchase

K12 K–8 courses are also available by direct purchase for parents who wish to supplement their children’s regular schooling as well as to homeschooling families.

Private & Independent Courses

Looking for an independent, affordable study option that also has teacher support when you need it? The Keystone School serves students in grades 6–12.