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K12 and You

Every student deserves an education built to meet their unique needs. With K12 online school, your child can find their personalized path to success — learning at their own pace, in their own place with an engaging curriculum that supports individual learning styles.

With K12, students experience:

  • A quality online education focused on skill-building and socialization
  • A flexible learning system that suits their schedule and needs
  • Award-winning curricula to uncover their unique interests and spark a passion for learning
  • A supportive learning environment featuring expert instruction, innovative technology, and engaging, collaborative resources


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Your Questions, Answered

Learn more about the K12 learning experience. Browse our frequently asked questions.

Online School For Every Type of Learner

Whether you’re looking for public school, private school, or just a few classes, we have an online education option for every student. Tailored to your child’s unique schedule, needs, and interests, K12 programs empower students to succeed and instill a lifelong love of learning.

Online Public School

Embark on an engaging learning journey. Enroll your child in a K12 online public school, where they’ll enjoy individualized learning led by state-certified teachers.


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Online Private School

Through K12 online private school, students receive an engaging, hands-on education that accommodates flexible schedules and fosters independence. Explore this tuition-based option today.


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Online Homeschool

Supplement your child’s homeschool education with challenging, engaging, and highly interactive K12 courses that speak to individual interests and help fill in knowledge gaps.


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Individual Classes

Personalize your child’s education with supplemental coursework. All individual classes are taught by K12 teachers and come with hands-on materials that help students catch up, get ahead, and explore their interests.


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Tutoring Services

Support student success with flexible, dynamic tutoring from K12 state-certified teachers.


Why K12?

As an award-winning, fully accredited online school, K12 combines highly qualified teachers with an engaging curriculum and a user-friendly online learning platform. The result? A supportive learning environment that helps every student thrive.

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Take Advantage of the Expertise That Sets K12 Apart

As a leader in educational management, K12 has accumulated various awards and accolades from national organizations, award bodies, and independent researchers. Our consistent level of quality goes above and beyond traditional schooling norms. We’re always looking for ways to improve our practices and empower more students to achieve their best.

  • Cognia-accredited 
  • Award-winning curricula 
  • Research-backed curricula 
  • State-certified teachers


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2 Million+

Students have chosen K12 education since 2000.

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Of parents say K12 helped their child prepare for the future.

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States offer tuition-free K12 programs.

A Great Educational Experience Starts Here

K12 students are empowered to achieve their best with hands-on learning, flexible scheduling, and guidance from both teachers and parents. Students learn in the comfort of their own home, free from distractions, with live online instruction, self-led assignments, and interactive activities that fuel personal growth.

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School Tour

K12 students in grades K-5 participate in online coursework with interactive lesson plans and personalized instruction from teachers, designed to make learning fun and engaging.

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School Tour

K12 students in grades 6-12 find success through online education that fosters independence and encourages them to explore their individual interests.

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Passionate Teachers, Skilled
in Online Learning

Specially trained in online education, K12 teachers are passionate about helping students thrive. They get to know students on an individual level, tailoring instruction to your child’s unique learning style.


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