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Students Are Better Prepared for Life After High School

Planning for Success & Building Confidence

Career coaches are helping high school students nationwide prepare for life in the real world. Students are leaving sessions with real outcomes and improved skills they need to succeed in life—job search techniques, interviewing, goal setting, financial aid tips, résumés, and more—along with a focused plan and the confidence to reach their career or college goals.

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High School Students Report Improvements in Key Areas after Career and College Prep Coaching

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Creating a résumé

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Professional communication

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Career direction

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Job Searching

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Goal setting

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98% of high school students recommend career coaching*

*Based on responses collected during our post-coaching session survey

Confidence is key when pursuing a job or internship.

After career coaching, students have reported improvements in their experiences:

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Pursuing a job or internship

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Speaking about themselves

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Interviewing and getting hired

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If you’re a high school student at a K12-powered school, you can sign up for five free sessions with one of our career coaches.***


Hear what students have to say about their coaching experiences:

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High school senior Sandra shares some of the valuable skills she learned in her coaching sessions that she is already putting to use.

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Discover how Daysha’s Career Coach helped her find job opportunities, fine-tune her résumé, prepare for interviews, and land a job!

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“I learned a lot using career coaching. My career coach and I went through many different career options so that I could pick the right one for me. We also talked about colleges and what degree I would need to accomplish my dream of being a genetic counselor.”

Kenna, ARVA, 11th Grade

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“Working with a career coach has given me a better sense of direction regarding what I want to do in my future. I started with a broad passion for STEM, but after just a few coaching sessions I have narrowed my dream goal down to aerospace engineering. Thanks to my career coach, I feel that I can not only shoot for the stars but also aim well enough to hit my target.”

Emma, CAVA, 11th Grade

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“These sessions have been great for improving my confidence when speaking, figuring out better ways to respond during more professional situations, and how to create a brand for myself. My career coach was extremely helpful with everything, and I would definitely recommend career coaching to everyone.”

Paige, DCA Oregon, 12th Grade

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***Florida and Nevada only offer group coaching and webinars; there are no individual sessions available in those states.