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Online Private Schools in New York

If you’re interested in alternative options, you can explore Stride K12-powered private schools. Stride K12-powered New York virtual schools prepare students to become independent learners through rigorous and engaging instruction, informed guidance, and individual attention from committed parents and teachers.

Stride K12-Powered Online Private Schools in New York

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Stride K12-Powered Online Private Schools in New York

At Stride K12, we know the power of personalized learning. And we understand that families have different requirements when deciding what works for them in their education choices. That’s why we offer a range of high-quality education options, including several tuition-based online private schools* to help meet the needs of diverse learners.

Accreditation Your Assurance of Stride K12’s Academic Excellence

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K12 is a Cognia-accredited corporation meeting the highest standards of educational management. Cognia is dedicated to advancing excellence in education worldwide through accreditation, research, and professional services. Additionally, Stride K12-powered schools are accredited by a wide variety of respected accreditation bodies.

Accreditation provides reciprocity of credits, courses, and grade-level placements between schools and universities worldwide and validation of the equivalency of diplomas and certificates to other accredited schools and universities.

“*Stride K12 is under a territorial non-compete obligation with another company that precludes us from enrolling students or shipping materials to students in the countries listed below while that company has territorial exclusivity. You can learn more about options in your area at icademymiddleeast.com. Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates In addition, at this time, the United States has an embargo on the provision of certain products and services in the countries listed below that encompasses those provided by Stride K12. As such, K12 is prohibited from entering into transactions with residents or resident companies. Western Balkans, Belarus, Central Africa, Cuba, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe “